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WOTS: This is the REMIX! (feature)

I shops....til I drop, honey!

Well not literally but I do shop a helluva lot! I can justify my outlandish amounts of shopping by the fact that I make a majority of my purchases at thrift stores. Also, I only shop sale racks. Very rarely, if ever, do I pay regular price for anything. And I mean that literally. I feel outside of myself if I don't go into the mall at least once a week-partly because I pay some of my bills in store but mainly because I can't stand to miss a deal. Does that make me an addict? Am I a junkie? Oh geez....I'm a junkie. My huge shopping obsession has led me to rename my closet a 'mini boutique'. I mean seriously! I could easily attach a sign to the front of my closet door and begin a fairly lucrative business.

Does anyone else have a shopping habit thats bigger than their pockets?

SOUND OFF: How do you make sure that your favorite items aren't getting lost in the midst of all your new items?

I personally like to remix alot of my favorite items to make sure that I'm getting my money's worth out of them. I may wear the same jeans twice in one week but if I pair them with a different blouse and shoes, I've created a totally different look. This method, known as remixing, doesn't necessarily decrease my urge to shop but it does help me save a little more money.

Kendi, who is in the process of  wrapping up this season's 30 for 30 challenge, is the mastermind 'blogger' behind this whole 'remixing' concept. (Check out some cool remixer ladies here) She does this challenge at least twice yearly in an effort to not only save money but also to allow fashionistas a chance to make  the most out of the items that are already in our closets.

Speaking of remixing...I was browsing through the blogosphere a number of months ago and I came across Iris over at 260DaysNoRepeats. What attracted me to her blog was her outward disclosure that she had only spent a mere $150 on clothing from April 2010-April 2011 because of her fierce remixing tactics. Immediately my face contorted like this ----> :-o because holy shiznit how did she do it!!?? In effort to look for more thrifty bloggers, I found Iris and she very willingly shared with me how she managed to shave thousands of dollars off of her receipts by remixing. Talk about Thrifty and Shameless.

Everyone meet Iris.

Miss Rockwell (MR): Tell us about yourself and your mission as a blogger.

Iris (I): Hi, I'm Iris and have used this experience as a way of fending off a quarter life crisis as I navigate my way through these transitional twenties! I know it's really not as dramatic as I make it out to seem...

My mission was to challenge myself to use the existing clothes in my wardrobe to their fullest potential remixing them for one year every day I went to work for one year. That was a (huge) success so I am keeping it going for another year!

MR: What motivated you to start remixing your clothing?
I: In a word, "money." I graduated from college without a job lined up or any idea of what I really wanted to do. I spent most of that summer working a part time job while applying for opening after opening to no avail finding myself in the thick of one of the worst recessions in years. Thankfully my luck took a turn for the better in September when I found a full time job! Unfortunately, it was paying much less than I was expecting and only on a temporary basis. On top of everything else, my student loans were looming on the horizon; I had to make it work and that meant some sacrifices. So, I was able to come up with this challenge to keep things interesting...

MR: What type of routine or pattern do you follow when remixing your items?

I: I don't really have a "routine" per say. I go through my closet loosely following the notion of color rotation. That is partly because my name means rainbow and partly because it keeps me from relying on the same few things that I am most comfortable in. I like the idea of moving out of my comfort zone and continuing to challenge myself in new ways!
Just kidding about the first part...

MR: How do you fight the urge to shop?

I: I think after a while the urge died down. I realized that whatever "sale" was going on at New York & Company or LOFT was one in a dozen or so they would have throughout the season.Whenever it is that I choose to go shopping I will be able to find coupons without an issue. I can honestly say that I have learned (from this experience) that there will always be another deal and if the thing that I am attracted to isn't right in anyway then it wasn't meant to be and there is something better waiting!

MR: You said you spent $150 last year..what exactly did you purchase? Did you plan these trips or did you buy things on an as needed basis?

I: Most of the things that I bought last year were on impulse and now I see that some might not have been worth the splurge; I'm talking  LOFT shorts that I never wear! That being said, there were some things that were totally worth it and I don't regret at all.

Overall, none of them were true needs which is probably why there were so many months that I didn't buy anything at all!

MR: What are some of the bargaining tips that you live by?
  • I don't pay full price for anything, it's just not worth it. 
  • I have learned the wonders of second hand shopping; you can find some really great things for a small fraction of the cost. 
  • Swapping clothes with friends is an even better way to get new things because it's free!
  • Off price retailers and discount stores are great places to find awesome deals.
  • Even if it is an amazing deal, if you don't love it it's not worth it!
MR: Who are some of your favorite 'bargain bloggers'?

I: I really like reading Clothed Much. Elaine is funny and that's awesome but, I also feel like she is going through a similar challenge trying to make the most out of her wardrobe. I will admit that I probably have a ton more clothes (seriously she lists it all) but, it's nice to think that there is someone else out there going through what I go through!

Thanks so much for reading about this challenge that I have posed to myself. Please feel free to stop by
260 Days, No Repeats as I continue! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at!

 I want to see how you remix your favorite items.
Send your remixed looks to by 5pm each Monday to be featured in my all new 'Take Two Tuesday' remix segment.

Looks like I have alot of work to do. Thanks for reading.


  1. Fab interview...Thanks for sharing Iris' blog and her ideas about being thrifty.

  2. Love the giant remix picture! That's great to keep track of them. It'd be cool to print it out as a GIANT poster! :) thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments!

  3. It would be be cool to make a huge poster-in black and white..ohhh that would be nice!!


  4. Thanks...I had lots of fun doing it and I definitely learned some new things!



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