Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Whimsies: Walk Across the Room like Naomi Campbell

So the girls and I attended a new store opening/fashion show last week and it was more than amazing to say the least. The store Bevello, is located right in the heart of Towne Center within walking distance of two of my favorite restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs. They were showcasing their new line of summer/fall fashions and also celebrating the opening of their gorgeous new store.

(SIDENOTE: Visit IFB's 'I Love My Neighborhood' segment to see what other cool places and events your favorite bloggers have visited and become inspired by this week)

The owner was soooo cute and even offered us 20% off of EVERYTHING in the store to thank us for celebrating with her. While linking up with IFB's Project they asked us to tell why this specific place that we visited has brought us inspiration. You see this cute girl here:

She's young, fun, and doing what she loves. She's the owner of a beautiful boutique in an even more beautiful location. She inspires me to keep going after my dreams and do what I love to do. Life is too short to be stuck doing things that you hate. This is how people become miserable and eventually turn out to be evil little old people. You know the ones who sit in the rocking chair giving you the mean grimace every time you visit; the ones who never have anything nice to say. Yeah, those are the ones who hate their lives because they grew up either working at jobs that they despised or because they continued to stay  in a horrible relationship and now they're stuck with an evil little old man that constantly hides their denture glue. 

Do what makes YOU happy! Because at the end of the day, no one has to deal with you but YOU!

What types of things make you happy?  

It was a little hard for me to capture all of my fave runway looks because there was a huge mass of a man standing in front of me. Each time I moved he swayed right along with me and managed to appear as a big blob of fabric in almost all of my runway shots. Ugghhh, why was he my way and on my nerves!!!

I did get these though.

 That coral dress was SUPER SEXY!!! But this is the dress that I had my eye on....

With a price tag of $128, even 20% off would be a stretch for me considering my obsessive need to be thrifty. I just admired it from afar all night long. All in all, the event was great. There was free food catered by California Pizza Kitchen and even champagne of which I had at least 4 glasses. Annnnndddd it was mixed with a splash of watermelon juice. Talk about tasty!

Oh how I wish I had more pics of the actual event to share with you. Oh well.

Here's what I wore:

A slight mix of lace and floral. See how everyone else is mixing their patterns here.

Trousers&Belt-Thrifted/Tank-TJ Maxx
I love these trousers. Even though they are polyester and hot as all get out, I love the fact that they are high waisted and they stop right at my ankle so as to create a clean, classic look and showcase whatever shoe that they're worn with.

The shoes (which are barely visible here) are sky high nude platform stilettos that I got on clearance at Target. I had been eyeing these babies forever. I've seen many of my favorite bloggers with them but I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price for them. Soooo, I waited and voila....


Don't we look shopped out! My girlfriend purchased that super sexy coral dress pictured above. I, on the other hand, purchased nada. I just held her bag  for visual effect-because I thought it would look more uniform if all of us held bags. I'm such a cheater!!

 What do you and your girlfriends do for fun?

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  1. Hmmm the runway looks fun!

    Wishing I had MORE GFriends in GA! The few that I do know, don't thrift. They  call is YUK land. But I seem to LAND more goodies than I would at a candy store!
    Anywhoo. I love your blog! I sooo need that belt in my world and Yeppers I can relate to the SALE on those shoes. (I missed it---Fooey)

    Lookn' good & Lovin' the title......


  2. I love those pants and looks like fun. Who can pass up a discount??

  3. Girl those trousers are super cute!! And that belt is adorable. And the lace adds a level of sexiness to the outfit.  Love it!!!

    -Cherrie <3

  4. You and your girlfriends look like so much fun!  My girlfriends and I drink lots of champagne when we are is kind of crazy.  We also love to go to concerts and see cultural stuff around DC (where we live).  All the while dressing fancy.....haha

    Get Up & Go

  5. Most of my girlfriends, with the exception of my very best friend, don't
    even know that I'm an extreme thriftaholic. They would probably consider it
    yucky as well. Little do they know that I have found the majority of the
    items in my closet at the thrift store! For instance, this belt was taken
    from a 99 cent dress that I found. And the shoes were such a great
    investment. So glad that I waited!

  6. It was super fun. Although I had to pass on purchasing anything. Even though a discount was being offered, 20% off just wasn't enough to make me break out that bank card!


  7. Even though you can see my bra through the lace, I kinda thought it was sexy too! The belt is quickly becoming one of my favorites too-I love that I can pair it with so many things.


  8. Yes those girls are amazing. Please believe we drink lots of champagne as well. Sight seeing in DC has to be amazing!!


  9. Just found your blog through the IFB Project Series (#5!) Bevello sounds great, lucky girls you are to have gone to the opening! :)


  10. Those high-waisted pants are bangin!  You are just lovely!

  11. Those pants and belt are awesome finds!!! I just love that fit. Very chic.

  12. Thank You much!


  13. It was pretty fun. We had a ball and my girls spent waaayyy too much money while I was busy being frugal!


  14. Not as bangin' as you my dear but thanks a million!


  15. Thank you! The belt actually came from a dress that I found while thrifting. I thought it would add a decent touch of class!


  16. You are fabulous! I'm in love with 70's looks and recently thrifted the perfect vintage floppy hat and created a look around a sheer cardigan/kimono that I scored for $2 (check it out here). Love that we share an obsession for thrifting. Why pay full price, when there are so many treasures to be found? These high-waisted pants are great--they fit you so well and you look classy. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  17. Thrifting is essential to my soul. I don't see the point in paying full price why do stores mark things up to ridiculous prices like they do? Its senseless!


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