Friday, June 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: Sequins and Pearls and Lots of Pretty Girls...


-So I was thrifting the other day and I picked up an AWESOME vintage sequined shirt. I have no idea what I will wear it with but it immediately caught my eye so I put it in my basket. I went to the mirror to try on my picks and I noticed this lady eyeing my sequins. She walked by at least 3 times. On the fourth time she walked by and commented about how gorgeous it was. I politely smiled and kept it moving. On the fifth time she walked by, she actually picked my sequins up, asked what size it was, and had the audacity to ask me if I was gonna buy it. Ummm, hell yeah I'm buying it-get your paws off lady!! And even if I was previously undecided about buying it before you came along, I'm definitely buying it now-just because you're on my nerves. Uggghhhh!

-The beau and I have turned into the modern day Siskel and Ebert. We are avid kiosk-ers. We rent at least one movie a week and our 'thing' is to give it a rating and discuss it after we've watched it. I know, I know, we're total nerds. But that's why I love him-because his nerdiness matches mine!
Movie of the Week: The Dilemma/Our Rating: B

-Sleeping in and spending the day with the beau-doing absolutely nothing!

-I love finding new cuties to follow and read about and I would love for you to step into my world-if only for just one day. I'm looking for two creative, frugal, thrifty and shameless bloggers to feature for the month of August. You can post about a topic of your choice so long as it pertains to being thrifty. I know it's early but just wanted to put the word out there. Shoot me an email at

-This super fantastic article I found about getting started with organizing your closet space:

My closet needs a MAJOR redo and I need your help. If you have any tips, please share. I'm also asking that you post your organized closet pics on my FB page. This is a dire emergency people. My closet is beginning to look like a mini boutique.

-Oh yeah...speaking of my FB page---LIKE ME by CLICKING HERE!!

-Michelle Obama-she's THEE greatest First Lady-ever!

-I've finally started using the 'share' button. You know the one at the bottom of everyone's post that lets you share your favorite reads on your Twitter and FB pages? Yeah, that one. Well, I've finally gotten wind of it and I've been 'sharing' like crazy. This way all of my friends who don't read the same blogs as me can now partake in some of the awesomeness that I read each day.

-New peeps I'm following: EFBGirls, ByAnika, and VerySmartBrothas. GREATNESS!!

-Do you know any troops who are deployed right now? Even if not, I have a fun, easy, and FREE way for you to express your appreciation for them on Independence Day. TinyPrints is sponsoring this sweet deal-all you have to do is go to their Facebook page and 'Like' them for details about exactly where to send your card.  I've already ordered mine. Will you order one?

How has your week been? Share some of your Awkward and Awesome moments with me...

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  1. This is a fun post! I'm a big nerd about closet organization, so we won't even go there. Haha!!

  2. I finally began tackling my beast of a closet and am planning to post my before and after pics as soon as it's done!



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