Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Must Not Know 'Bout Me!!!


-I was about to give up on couponing this week.  All because of a rude a$$ sales associate at Walgreens. Excuse my language, but this heifer had the nerve to rudely tell me that she wouldn't accept my coupons because they weren't printed in color.  What the fudge! Since when did it become a requirement that people use color ink? I don't even think about purchasing color ink. She then very slickly tried to accuse me of making copies of the coupons. So I very gracefully told her that I wouldn't be making a purchase and I left the cart full of goodies sitting right there at the register. She's lucky that I didn't have my coupon policy on hand. But best believe that Walgreens got a nasty gram from me the next day. Then the sales manager had a nerve to call my phone. At that point I was over it and didn't feel like discussing it any further because I clearly expressed all that I had to say about the situation within the email. Therefore, his phone call was irrelevant.
Have you ever had any encounters with rude sales associates?
If so, please share!

-Okay so my officemate and I like to lock the door to our office during business hours to ward off unwanted guests from barging in...and each time someone knocks on the door she yells 'come in' as if she's unaware that the door is locked. And then she has the nerve to 'tsssk' and suck her teeth when they yell that they can't get in because....the door is locked. Some people are sooooo simple. I declare!!!


-My BFF. We've been friends for about 21 years now (OMG-I'm telling my age). We met in the neighborhood that we grew up in. From the very first day we met it was just us against the world. We roller skated our way to a lifelong friendship and even though she's a zillion miles away from me, I couldn't ask for a better bestie.  I just love her. Her name is Vernae and she's one of the reasons I started this blog. She was super frugal and thrifty before I even knew what the words meant. Now she can keep up with me and what goes on in my life;  it also  makes for great conversation topics when we do get a chance to talk.

-I went to my girlfriend's 'fun' party this past weekend. Nothing like a night with the ladies-drinking good wine and conversating about sex toys! And yes, I did purchase some things!!!

-My super frugalicious OOTD (outfit of the day). I mentioned yesterday that I'm participating in the
Color Rotation hosted by Colleen at ScrapandRun

Color Rotation


this is the second color in my first installment-RED. It's my absolute favorite color so putting this fit together was a cinch! Read below about how much I spent on it!

Vest..Cords..Shoes-Thrifted/Chambray-NY & Co
-Gotta love a thrifty find. 80% of my outfit was found during my 'thrifty escapades'. The
kitten heeled flats are Mossimo (Target) brand but were thrifted for $4.98. The cords were a $2.99 find from CHKD (btw what's your take on wearing cords in warm weather?). The chambray was found on a $9.99 NY & Co clearance rack and the Sag Harbor vest was 99 cents at my local thrift store. Might I add that I love the chambray shirt and would gladly wear it everyday if I could. In fact I love it so much that I have at least 4 of them in varying shades!

For the love of Chambray!

How do you rock your red?

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  2. Yeah, I think that's absolutely rediculous. I say if the register scans it with no beeps then it's good-what's the point in meticulously scanning the coupon to search for errors. That's annoying.


  3. I cant stand shopping @ Walgreens. It always seems like I do have a coupon issue when I do go. I have been told by another store that they wouldnt accept printable coupons that were in black & white because they could be copied. Um, hello, you can copy something in color & it will come out in color so that doesnt make sense as to why the wouldnt accept the black & white coupons. I told the manager this (I believe this was @ Farm Fresh) & he said I had a point, like duh! lol

  4. I love your header! Very cute.

    I just found your blog through the Boost My Blog Friday Hop! Have a great weekend!

    Amanda @

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