Sunday, April 10, 2011

This A Fast Life....We Are on A Crash Course!


I hope everyone has had a safe and relaxing weekend! It's almost time to gear up and get right back at 'em for work tomorrow. Are y'all ready? I'm definitely NOT!!

Sometimes you just need a break; not even to sleep though, just for mental purposes! I feel like I'm constantly on a crash course. I just need to let this brain sit down for a second chile.

With that being said, this is not gonna be an extra long post as I am trying to continue to visit some of the ladies who have linked up to the blog hops that I participate in (Modly Chic, Inspiring You to Save, Cute and Little
I just wanted to update you on my progress with the Color Rotation Challenge that I'm participating in with Colleen. Today I'm rocking YELLOW! (I think I've secretly fallen in love)

Sweater-Gap (Thrifted)/Slacks-NY & Co./Gingham Shortie-Am. Eagle

Love this necklace!!

I purchased this necklace from Forever XXI a number of years ago and to my surprise, it has NOT turned on me. Even though I've dropped it and broken the tip of the 'elephant tusk' off, it still reigns supreme!!

How do you like to rock your yellow?
Leave me a link so I can visit you!

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