Monday, April 25, 2011

Stacks On Deck...

Good Monday!!

I'm right back up and at 'em today. It seems as if my Spring Break was nowhere near long enough. I think I need another week off. I can honestly say that I wasn't productive at all during this break (at least not enough to my liking)-very little to no spring cleaning went on around my part of town. But hey, at least I found these goodies when I checked my mailbox. (This, by the way, is two weeks worth)  

Mailbox Monday
Tons of magazine subscriptions, samples, and coupons. And being that my Spring Break has practically flown by me, I'm not sure when I will ever get around to reading all of these new magazines. Maybe I should send them off to someone who does have the time to read them.

Let me know if any of you are interested in receiving either of these mags.
(You can leave me a comment of click on the 'Email Me' button on my sidebar).

 And go to AFrugalFriend to see what everyone else got in their mailboxes this past week. 

Though I didn't get much accomplished in the cleaning department last week, I was able to catch some sweet deals at my favorite local stores. I believe I visited 5 stores-Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, CVS, and lastly Walmart, which I very rarely venture to these days.

My first stops were Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Savin' Maven Monday (Rite Aid/Walgreens)

This was the best trip ever!! I spent $31.52 on all of this stuff. Rite Aid was offering a special for $10 RR (credit that can be used like cash towards a future purchase) when you purchased $30 worth of cleaning products. Can we say 'stacks on deck'! My stockpile is growing bigger by the week. On top of all the other cleaning supplies that I have purchased throughout the weeks, I will NOT be needing any more of these supplies anytime soon.  The Airwick aerosols that you see were on special B1G1 FREE-when stacked with 3 (B1G1 FREE) coupons, they were absolutely free of charge. The Loreal makeup, of course, was not a part of the 'spring cleaning' special but they were B1G1 50% off, all of which I had coupons for. Annnddd a $5RR was rewarded with a $15 purchase of Loreal cosmetics. All of the remaining items were purchased at Walgreens. The deal with the eggs was that if you purchased 2 dozen, then you would receive 2 FREE Redbox rentals. I needed eggs and I love Redbox so this deal was perfect for me.

Just a little sidenote-I am really beginning to despise Walgreens. The weekly sales begin on Sunday and by the time I shopped there on Tuesday, the shelves were totally cleared of all of the specials that they were advertising in the paper. Needless to say, they are on my shit list right about now.

My next stop was Target

Savin' Maven Monday (Target)
Savin' Maven Monday (Target)
I spent $17.76 on all of this stuff! It would've been about $6 cheaper than this but I didn't realize until after my purchase that the cashier missed one of my coupons and also that I had a Target gift card that I could've used.  It is particularly important that you watch intently when the cashier is scanning your coupons to make sure that nothing is missed. The coupon that she skipped happened to be for $4 off so I was hot when I looked over my receipt-as luck would have it, this was after I was already long gone from the store. Anyhow, the Reach flosses were all $.97 for which I used 7 ($1 off 1) coupons that I found in last Sunday's coupon insert. So they were all FREE! There wasn't anything too special about the rest of the stuff from Target-I just used regular coupons with those items.

All in all, these items totaled $200.19 (this include purchases made here)
My Savin' Maven out of pocket total was $56.14
which means I saved $144.05!! (woot woot)

What do you think?
What kind of deals did you find this past week?


  1. Thanks for visiting and following. I will be sure to visit you!


  2. Thanks lady...I don't know any way to be other than fabrication!!! So glad that you are able to feel my realness coming across! And I love visiting other blogs, I think it's important to do so if you want the same in return. Very time consuming (as is the couponing) but soooo worth it considering the deals and the motivation I get from others!


  3. girl i love how real you are on this blog! love how "shittastic" your language is! ha!

    i'm jealous of your dealz...i wish i had the time to read the blogs, clip the coupons, and make the trips! i have two small kiddos, a fulltime job and a business

    ahhh! so instead i'll just love to hate you.

    :) kidding!

  4. It's About Time MamawJanuary 9, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    I am not very good with couponing but kudos girl great job. My hubby does the shopping in this house I just make the list. ;)
    I am following you via Meet Me on Monday blog hop. Please follow back.
    My blog is under construction but please leave a comment and grab the new button. I will be posting some new sewing project tonight. Hope to see you there.

  5. you are one thrifty girl :) i just start couponing this year and signed up with shop4freebies...totally *lovin* seeing your deals and freebies! (and a little am now a loyal follower!!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting and following! I get sooo excited about new deals and especially free stuff. Couponing is my not so guilty pleasure!



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