Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Don't Think You're Ready....for this JELLY!!!


I brought in the New Year....relaxing!!! So I'm looking forward to a year of relaxation and exhaling!  I refuse to make a resolution because they are just like promises-meant to be broken at some point of another.  I will, however, vow to ELEVEN things that I want to try, get better at, or maintain in the year 2011 (how do you say it?-twenty eleven OR two thousand eleven).  Either way....here goes:

1. Be a better blogger.  I HAVE GOT TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER and do a better job at keeping things updated!  As soon as my fanny hits the computer chair, my ADD consumes me and I begin to get overwhelmed by all of the cool stuff I can search for-new clothes, new shoes, other blogs, Facebook, etc. Soooo...it is my NUMBER ONE vow to really do this thing.
2. Spend more time with my family. So I just spent some time with one of my favorite cousins and realized that I felt totally rejuvenated after just sitting here with him doing ABSOLUTELY nothing but shooting the shit!  This year I vow to put work aside from time to time so that I can be a part of my family again.
3. Read more.  I've been keeping a journal of all the books that I've read for the last two years but I slacked off in 2010 because of school and of course-work.  I will definitely post some of my favorites.
4. Try to remain organized. I think I'm slowly becoming a pack rat and I need to quit collecting clutter!
5. Take a trip out of town. Just because I need a vacation and would love to find some new shopping spots.
6. Win some concert tickets. I love music!! I love LIVE music!! Concert tickets are pricey. Enough said!
7. Do more DIY crafts. Especially for special occasions and birthdays because they are much more personal than store brought garb!  That reminds me...I need to fix my sewing machine so I can remix some of my old threads.
8. Get sewing machine fixed.
9. Maintain a better diet. This includes drinking more water, eating less sweets, and trying not to eat immediately before I go to bed.
10. Save money, save money, save money!!! I'm sure this one is on EVERYONE's list.  Why is it so hard to make, yet sooooo easy to spend??!! Pisses me off!


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