Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mommy Chronicles: Toothbrush Skills 101

One of the very first things I notice about anyone I meet is their smile. How good are your 'mouth skills'? I believe good oral hygiene is a determining factor to what type of person you are. Your mouth speaks VOLUMES about you-every ounce of pun intended! Seriously, if I can't trust you to take care of your own teeth, then I wouldn't trust you with my life and therefore our dealings will be few and far between. Because one thing about me is that I can't stand a bad mouthpiece. 

As a Mother, it is highly important for me to instill good oral hygiene practices as soon as the opportunity arises. Which is the exact reason for today's post.

Bubby received his first teeth about 2-3 weeks ago. The bottom two. They literally came through overnight! I've heard so many horror stories about teething but honestly besides a few grunts and endless gnawing on everything, my little took teething like a champ.


As soon as his teeth grew in all the way I immediately ran to grab his first toothbrush and paste set. Well, it didn't technically come as a set because I had to purchase them separately but I made sure they were both the same Aquafresh brand. No thriftiness here because Bubby is the only person I will pay full price for-but that's besides the point.

Gosh, it's so stinking cute isn't it? 

I always attempt to brush my teeth in front of him if he is awake, otherwise I will just explain to him what we are doing as I brush for him. Our conversations usually center around the fact that all the pretty little girls love when handsome little boys have clean teeth and fresh breath. I know it's a little early for all that but it's the truth.

The first couple of times we attempted our toothbrushing routine, I guided Bubby along...

Now, he likes to grab the toothbrush and do it himself. I'm thankful that he's such a quick learner and I'm hoping that my need to instill these values early will pay off in the long run with a bright smile and beautiful, clean teeth.

Mommies, how early did you begin brushing your littles' teeth?  And if you began early has it proven to pay off for those of you who have older children?

I can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post! My son won't let me near his mouth and he has the same two bottom teeth! Wish me luck! Gonna try again tonight! lol..

    1. Oh no! Definitely keep on trying. It's so important! Best of luck to you and your little. Thanks for stopping by!


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