Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Favorites: Vol #30

Hellooooooo and Happy Friday my loves.

I know I haven't been here in over a week but I really just wanted to take some time off to enjoy my   Spring Break without the stress of remembering to post and whatnot.

Had I planned my break correctly I would've had some guest bloggers or even scheduled my posts ahead of time. But....I'm human and obviously not that well organized so here I am-somewhat refreshed and renewed.

And here are my Friday Favorites!

I've been coveting this whole ear cuff trend since it first surfaced so in my true 'thrifty and shameless' fashion, I was able to find them in The Icing on a $2 accessory rack. I absolutely love this store and most times it's the only store I will purchase accessories from-especially when they have their $2 specials.

FREE paint samples from Ace Hardware. They offer these freebies a couple of times a year and each time I'm the first in line. I've been able to acquire 4 quarts to date-that's enough to get started on the DIY Chevron accent wall that I've been dying to complete since I moved into my home.

The Prabal Gurung line that all the fashionistas went crazy over when it made its debut at Target in February. Well, it's finally being clearanced. Annnd, there's still a ton of items left. I'm patiently waiting for the items to go to 70% off.

I did purchase these babies at 50% off though. I absolutely had to have these. I have so many great styling ideas for them.

Celebrating my big sister's birthday in style. I love this woman so much. She's so smart, beautiful, and hilarious too!

I took a mini roadtrip with my family a couple of days ago and this is the plate that I was presented for lunch. Note that I said 'for lunch'. I believe the name of the eatery was Mayflower. All of this for only 9 bucks. I'm sure this can't be healthy but it was soooo delish!! 

While visiting the mall during our roadtrip, I decided to visit Sephora to take advantage of the FREE $5 giftcard that I was given for being a user of the Wrapp app. 
Wrapp is a fun and easy way to give free and paid gift cards to your Facebook friends. Download Wrapp's smartphone app or visit to start giving!

This month's magazine swag. 

I was asked by my friends over at Crowdtap to hunt for the new DOT by Marc Jacobs fragrance bottle while I was on my roadtrip. I love the packaging of this bottle-the presentation alone entices me to pull out my wallet and buy!

The search for the above fragrance inspired me to rock dots during my roadtrip.

Last but not least, I've added new items to my shop, Miss Rockwells Racks. You can visit here or you can visit and follow my shop on Instagram to get first dibs on all the new items that are added.

That's it for today. What were some of you favorite things this week?

I can't wait to hear from you!

Thanks so much for being faithful readers-even when I take a week off without notice! You guys are more than amazing!!


  1. That Marc Jacobs bottle is so pretty! His fragrances normally smell really good too! I love a good Target sale. I've been trying to better about spending but it's hard to resist with sales like that!

  2. Agree with Tia I personally use and am a fan of Daisy, plus lovely finds... wish I could get my hands on those neon steals. I love neon! :)


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