Sunday, January 6, 2013

Savin' Maven Monday: Packing for A Roadtrip

Happy Monday my loves!
I hope your weekend was enjoyable. Mine was very productive. I met with a girlfriend to discuss future 'thrifty and shameless' events and I also teamed up with another of my girlfriends for one out of three of our weekly gym visits.
If you're following me on Instagram then you know that the honey and I recently took a trip to DC for a FREE basketball game. It was only scheduled to be a quick, overnight trip, being the fashion enthusiast that I am, I took it a little overboard in the packing department.
I used this handy dandy packing checklist that I scored from the Dollar Deals section at Target to aid me through the process.  
As stated before, this was only supposed to be a quick trip but I packed like I was going to be away for weeks. I found that separating all of my clothing into sections and laying them out like so really helped me.



I've never packed anything this strategically until I became a blogger.
Something that also helped to save room as well as time while packing was rolling each section of clothing up like so...

With the clothes being rolled up by sections I was able to create extra space for my shoes instead of having to carry another bag.

I took all of my accessories and laid them out on a hand towel....

I carefully wrapped them up...

And placed them on top of all of the 'sectioned rolls'. This ensured that they wouldn't get tangled and/or lost in the luggage scuffle!

The remainder of the miscellaneous items (ie-makeup, hair products, chargers, etc.) were stored in the side pockets of my suitcase.
I also found it extremely helpful to store previously opened hair products inside of a Ziploc bag in order to keep possible spillage from damaging surrounding items.
This is what my packing checklist ended up looking like.
And now I'm all set to go on this 2 day road trip.
Of course the first thing that the honey said when he saw this....

was that I should be ashamed of myself! He went on about how there is no way that I would need all of this for just 2 days.
I agree.
But what can I say, a girl needs options!!!
What tips have you found to be helpful when packing for road trips?
I can't wait to hear from you!
Thanks for reading.


  1. Ha ha I'll have to show the upcoming post to my beau, he's dreadful when it comes to packing!

    1. LOL. I think I was the dreadful one this time!

  2. lol agreed... a girl needs loads of option.


  3. Hi. I think you did a good job. I usually pack more tops and less bottoms so I can mix and march.

    1. I think I may have packed the same amount of both to allow for more mixing and matching. Thanks for visiting!

  4. My hubby is always fussing at me and how I pack. I literally start at least a week in advance mentally packing...then I start pulling stuff out. I'm a SAHM so I struggle when I travel because I want to where all of my fab outfits I've put together while sitting at home that I never get to where...LOL.

  5. Um... I definitely need to start using this list! I am terrible at packing! Cool post!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  6. Although I'm last min with my packing, I pack the same way...super neat and planned out, lol!


    1. I have to pack neatly because I clearly take a lot of stuff with me! LOL

  7. Great list! Congrats on being featured on IFB:)

    1. Gasp! I didn't even know. Thanks for visiting!!


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