Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites: Vol #27

Hello my loves and Happy Friday!

I couldn't wait to share my faves with you this week as there as soooo many!!!

If you're not in the mood for heavy pictoral interpretations, then I suggest that you quickly exit out of this post because I'm liable to get on your nerves.

I took alot of these pics from my Instagram so be sure to follow me there for more exclusive updates.

The highlight of my favorites was traveling to DC with my honey for an NBA game...

FREE tickets!

The energy was incredible...

And the cheerleaders were even better!

I wore my fave faux leather leggings and combat boots. I really don't see how celebs can walk around at games in 5" heels-I can't! I guess that's why I'm not a celebrity, huh?

Our room was so beautiful...

And we drank this...please try this, it's thee best drink you will ever taste in your life. My honey and I named it 'Fruit Punch'!

Self-portraits!  I loved this outfit, especially these Coach sneakers, which hurt my feet like hell! Sadly so, I'm going to have to put them in the shop because I can't deal with them. 

Before we headed back, we ate at Johnny Rockets. It was our first time there and we loved these little smileys!!

OK! OK! Enough about the trip. 

I finally launched my official shop site, Miss Rockwells Racks, last weekend. 

FREE Magazines...that I'm sooooo behind at reading. 

Clipping coupons. There really aren't a lot of good ones out but I'm gonna make it work!

These riding boots that I found at Dillards during their huge New Years Day Clearance sale..I love them so much!

I'm such a Momma's girl! Yep, I love hanging out with my Mom-she's my best friend!!!

Really have GOT to stop doing this to me! I'm going INSANE!!

A couple of shopping trips that only cost me approximately 4 bucks...gotta love coupons!

I'm so sad that I didn't get to shoot pics in this outfit because this dress is magical!

 Celebrating Michelle Obama's Bday. She is so fierce and classy. And her sense of style is out of this world!

Last but not least, being featured in this weeks' Link A La Mode roundup-it's truly an honor!

Looking Forward

  Edited by: Emily of Sugar and Spice We’re already halfway through the first month of 2013 but that doesn’t mean bloggers aren’t still in reflective mode: creating resolutions for the coming year and looking to up-coming trends, whilst also looking back on the trends of 2012. There’s also a reflective element in many of the posts this week over blogging and how that might change over the coming year, not just on a personal level but more generally too. There’s also a good dose of travel inspired posts this week for those who are trying to beat the January blues and jet off somewhere sunny. And if you’re not jetting off somewhere away from the cold, make sure to check out the great how to layer below:


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Whew!! That's it!

What were some of your favorites this week?

Thanks for reading!


  1. FUN! I have always wanted to go to an NBA game!!!!!!!! LUCKY!

  2. Your hair is amazing in the picture with the dress on. I despise when you love a pair of shoes and they hurt like hell. My TB flats are like that. They hurt so bad.

    1. Thank You so much. Yeah, those shoes are outta here!!

  3. Girl, it looks like you had a great shopping week! Xo Megan,

    1. Every week is a great shopping week in my eyes! LOL


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