Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Fugly Christmas Sweaters

It's Tuesday...again!!!

And we are exactly one week away from the Christmas holiday. I sooo wish that one of my friends was having an 'ugly Christmas Sweater' party this year. I would wear one of these....
Fugly Christmas Sweaters...
Fugly Christmas Sweaters... by sherockwell featuring river island
Navy sweater / Topshop knit sweater, $63 / Knit sweater, $56 / River Island , $40 / H&M long sleeve knit shirt, $40
Since I wasn't able to attend an 'ugly Christmas Sweater' party this year, I may just go ahead and host my own party next year-that would be pretty dope, huh!? And it would be even more dope say all of my blogger friends could attend! Hmmm....that's definitely something worth looking into.
Though these sweaters may be super fugly to someone else, I would wear each and every one of them-especially the red one at the bottom.  I would pair mine with some super flared, dark wash jeans, pointy-toe heels, and maybe even some antlers for the added effect.
Have you attended any 'ugly Christmas Sweater' parties this year?
If so, how did you style your sweater?
I can't wait to hear from you!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I've never attended a fugly Christmas sweater party but I would definitely wear one. I like sweaters because they are so warm and comfortable.

  2. I actually like the black reindeer sweater! It could easily be styled and accessorized in a very cute outfit!

  3. I've never attended one, but I would love too. In college usually people would go to the thrift store. In my college town the thrift stores actually created a section for them.


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