Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Wedding Dress...

You know, up until about 8 months ago I really wasn't a huge skirt and/or dress type of gal!

Then I did this post.  That's when it hit me that my legs were really not as chicken little as I had imagined them to be. In fact, I was quite enamored with how sweet and sophisticated the skirt made me feel. 

Back in high school, I of course was into mini skirts but that's only because the boys liked them. If it were up to me I would've been perfectly fine wearing jeans and the newest sneaker to school. 

Would you ever have guessed that I was a huge tomboy? I had more sports jerseys and athletic sneakers than a mens basketball team. And it didn't help that I worked at the newest sneaker store in the mall back then.

Fast forward to now and you can't keep me away from skirts and dresses.

Like this one.... 

I wore this dress to a wedding a couple of weeks back. 

I was on the fence for the longest about what to wear to a fall wedding. Then I spotted this lovely in the clearance section at Target. 

The pattern as well as the color scheme had me at hello!

I absolutely had to have it!

It was part of the Kirna Zabete line that was only there for a limited time. There were some really gorgeous pieces in that collection, most of which were a little too expensive for my 'thrifty and shameless' pockets. I'm so grateful that Target marks their items down because that gives shoppers like me a chance to partake in pieces that I otherwise would not be able to afford.  

This is one of those pieces that can be worn over and over again because of its classic shape and neutral color palette. I'm actually really glad that I chose this dress in particular because it gave me the chance to pull out some accessories that I had forgotten about...

This hat I found on clearance at Forever 21...

This pink chain necklace...

Necklace/Watch-NY&Co | Ring-Wet Seal
And these floral stockings that I absolutely love!

Not only am I into dresses and all things dainty nowadays, but I'm also thinking that a beautiful wedding wouldn't be so bad either.

If only just to wear the dress!

Before I go, I want to remind you to enter my very first giveaway. You can read here for details!

Thanks for reading dears!

Until next time.
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  1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas lady!! Happy 2013!

    1. Yes, I did Rachel! Thank You so much! Here's to 2013!

  2. Wedding dress update? Yes please!! :)
    And congrats on hosting your first giveaway girl! Looks like a fantastic one. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with friends + family. Here's to a great 2013 :)
    xo - Marion

    1. Thank You Marion. I hope your holiday was merry as well! Yes, here's to a great 2013. I know you can't wait for your little one to arrive!

  3. I like your outfit and I adore the stockings!!!

  4. hey #blmgirl I have the exact same dress got it on clearance for like 11 bucks...great minds! posting it soon


    1. I absolutely love this dress. I got mine at the same price!

  5. This dress it too cute and you have fabulous legs! *snaps and throws glitter* lol

  6. Very cute dress!!


    1. Thank You Roni. I want to wear it all the time!

  7. really cute dress!


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