Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Foxy Lady Dress...

Happy Thursday my loves! We are just one day away from the weekend and I couldn't be happier. 

Today is my last day of finals for the semester so I'm doing all sorts of booty pops over here.

Add an additional booty pop for the fact that my honey willingly assisted me in studying for my exam-that was so thoughtful of him!

I'm also doing an outfit post today! (insert confused face here)

 I haven't done one in soooo long that I almost forgot how. Outfit posts are beginning to be like celebratory events for me.

When I saw this dress on Karla Reed's Instagram I had to have it!

I knew deep down in my soul that it was made for me-as well as her, of course!

It's comfy and just the right length to pair with these awesome knee high boots that I scored last year. I love that it fit loose enough for me to layer a striped oxford under it....

But also thin enough that I could put this thrifted Zara blazer over it without feeling like I was compromising my comfort.

The elbow patches had me at hello!

Not to mention the fact that the dress was found at my most favorite store in the history of stores!

Sweater Dress-Target
Where else but TARGET!?

Blazer-Thrifted (Zara)
They are after my heart with the sharpest arrow!

Scarf/Striped Oxford-NY & Co.
In fact, I can't wait to stop in there today to see what kind of new goodness they have. The clearance section has been calling my name. 

A few days ago, I asked a bunch of my BLM girls about the favorite place to shop and very surprisingly I was about the only one who said Target!

Maybe it's the big red dot, or the coupons; maybe even the fact that I know their markdown schedule like the back of my hand! Then again, maybe it's just because I can find wonderful pieces there,

like this foxy lady dress,

 that fit my style to a tee-and at such affordable prices too!

So, where is your all time favorite place to shop?

I can't wait to hear from you!
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  1. Hi! I've been following you for a while now and I'm a recent advocate of Target, especially their sales! Love your style and how you put things together. Great post :)

    1. Target is the truth! I went in today and they had so much good stuff on clearance!

  2. LOL...well, I hope you did a booty pop when you got that dress because its super adorable - and I love how you put it together with the boots and jacket.

  3. I see you girlie! Very cute and I love those boots!


  4. I love foxes on clothing - I think this would be so much fun to wear. You can always wear it with leggings if it gets colder :)

    1. It was really fun. I didn't think to wear it with leggings. Good idea!

  5. Cute dress, it makes me smile! I am a fellow Target lover, I never leave there without finding something awesome.

    1. It made me smile too! Target is my biggest weakness! I really need to get my addiction under control:-0

  6. You found this at Target! I must have it! Haha. I LOVE foxes and I love Target. What could be better? So cute girl!
    Visiting from WIWW.

    1. This dress totally looks like YOU!! I actually have an extra one that I will be posting in my shop at the end of the week!

  7. so cute! love the sweater dress, you rocked it!


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