Thursday, October 25, 2012

These Yellow Shoes...


Last weekend my honey and I had a date night!

We went to see Ms. Erykah Badu!

And this is what I wore...

Do any of you have those types of outfits that instantly make you feel sexy?

Yeah, this was one of them...

I've been hard body thrifting in search of a camo jacket but have had no luck finding one in my size.

So after searching my closet, I ended up finding these camo skinnies that I had never worn.

Red Sheer-Ross
I purchased them from....get this...


On clearance for THREE BUCKS!!!

This was a while back now-during the era when Miley Cyrus' line was a big hit.

Camo Skinnies-Walmart
These yellow shoes make me feel super sexy too...

Target always comes through for me.

I found these lovelies on clearance for $9!

So I purchased them in blue as well. 

I paired the 'fit with gold accessories to make the red sheer pop even more. 

The gold also went really well with the yellow shoes, which don't really match with anything else.

But I'm totally infatuated with them for right now. 

I actually can't wait to find more things to pair them with.

Or, I could just keep wearing this 'fit over and over again.

What is your go to outfit?

I can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. You know I was about to run to Walmart - but then I kept reading "...while back...when Miley Cyrus...was a big hit" I love them - you look fab - and yellow with the red top is super hot!!!

  2. Oh honey! You worked this look! Love it! Im ready to pull out my camos now...

  3. Yup--you got this one! I'm always fascinated by how stylish women make camouflage look cool. I'm still on the fence about it for myself, but 'never say never'.


    firstly, you completely made my day with all your sweet comments!

    secondly, are you serious about this miley cyrus camo pants? walmart? $3? you are unreal.

    thirdly, i love that you coupon!!

  5. Great outfit! Wal-Mart's clearance rack is my friend. I found some leopard Miss Tina (Beyonce's mom) pants for $3!!

  6. I CANNOT believe that you got those camo pants for $3 at Wal-Mart!! That is a find of all finds! This is such a fun and sexy look! High five!!

  7. girl - i have the same exact pants - for the same exact price! your outfit looks the pops of color.

  8. girrrrrrl those camo pants and yellow shoes are amazing!

  9. Yes yes yessssss to this entire outfit!!! I am soooo jealous of those pants! They were such a steal! Ive been on the hunt for some camo pants for sometime now. Every time I go Walmart, I never find anything good. And the shoes...$9?!? I cant believe it. You are great at what you do (finding awesome deals!)


  10. I'm really thinking I need to get a pair of camo pants! I love the bright colors you added to yours!

  11. As much as I dislike the brand as a whole those pants from WALMart are the bomb! I didn't know they were getting that fashionable. I never seemed to find anything when i used to go there. I'm on the hunt for the perfect Camo Skinny. I like this outfit a lot!

  12. This is definitely right up my alley...fab look chica!!

  13. oh my goodness, i have been looking for camo skinnies!! i have to see if the walmart by me has them now! you look fabulous
    totally following

    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  14. This is one trend I never tried in 2012 but I'm gonna get it in for rocked it, wishing you a happy & blessed new year!

  15. Yaaaaas!! Love the pants...great find!!

    and I am so jealous that you went to see Erykah Badu...isn't she THE BOMB, live?

    1. Yes! Erykah was BOMB! Thanks for visiting Eboni!


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