Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If I Were A Boy...

Sometimes I wish I could dress like a boy!

A man, rather.

I love nicely tailored pants that fall perfectly over my shoes.

Trousers/Button Up-NY&Co

Blazers make me weak in the knee area...

Blazer-Thrifted (Issac Mizrahi)

and these things....the vest get-up!?

What are they called?????

 They're hella sexy!

Belt-Thrifted | Heels-Thrifted
If I could, I would wear pantsuits, blazers, and tailored slacks-with creases-on a daily basis. 

But since I don't have a cubicle on Wall Street, I have dedicated this day as my day to be be bossy, androgynous, and....


Don't forget the "F"

F pendant-Platos | Watch-Target

What pieces would your menswear inspired look include?

I can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the androgynous look! There's nothing like a pair of tailored slacks and a fitted blazer. I don't know what the vest thingie is called, but it's so sexy to me. I've been looking for one that fits well since forever. Reminds me of Janet Jackson circa the Velvet Rope era. I would rock the androgynous look just like this. I might even wear oxfords instead of pumps like I usually do.

    Loving this look on you, mamaz! I really need those trousers in my life.

  2. I'm all about tailored pants! I remember working at Express hen they came out with The Editor pant. I wanted to know what genius I should thank for them because they were so masculine but feminine. I love your look!

  3. That BLAZER is EVERYTHING!!!!!


  4. love this look! every piece was pulled together so nicely. you look fab!

  5. So you know I am on the look out for a vest this weekend! I just love, love, love it! I will be subscribing to FB when I get home from work! So glad its the weekend!

  6. All seriously dressed up like the boss! Command the boardroom then :)

  7. Luv the blazer and the pop of color you added. I can't wait to try the tuxedo trend as my next Menswear inspired look.


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