Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pearls and Animal Prints...

Happy Wednesday my loves. 

I hope everyone is off to a good start today. 

I apologize about not being able to post sooner but I have been extremely under the weather. It just seems as if no matter where I turn germs are flying and snot is running-literally!!

Needless to say, I've been doped up on meds and covered in Vapor-Rub with a gigantic bottle of sanitizer by my bedside.

Before this sickness took over my life I was able to go out for a much needed dinner with one of my girlfriends. 

This is what I wore...

Let me tell you that I have been DYING to wear this pearl sweater. I picked it up for $1 at my local thrift and fell head over heels in love with it since first seeing it. 

Sweater-Thrifted (Forever 21)
I wanted to keep it simple yet add a touch of edginess so I paired it with gray skinnies to create a monotone look.

On my feet I wore these babies...

Shoes-Ebay (Steve Madden)
The leopard heels reminded me to join in with Marion over at MarionBerry Style for her 
Trend of the Month Challenge. This month she's focusing on animal prints

Isn't she thee cutest!?

Once again I wore this thrifted bag. Sure I don't have on any gold but I figured that it would bring out the brown color in the shoes.

I would wear this bag everyday if I could! 

Well, actually for the last couple of outfit posts, I have!

I can't get enough of it.

It makes me smile!

Almost as much as this pearl adorned sweater!

Which piece of clothing are you dying to wear this season?

I can't wait to hear from you!

Thanks for reading.
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  1. I'm loving the pearl sweater too cute and I love how you added the touch of edginess with the skinnies and leopard shoes! I would wear that purse everyday too! It's really cute!!!

  2. Thrify and Shameless?? Makes two of us girl! Good to see you here again and love the hair, smiles, shoes-of course-and stature! Looks great!!

  3. That sweater is amazing and you can't beat that price - you look fab!!!

  4. You look so adorable!!..that sweater is so old school but i love it...and lets not talk about the bag...really good find to say the least....

  5. Loving your animal print! Haven't paired leopard and gray together yet; next on my list. I found your blog at Marionberry Style Link-Up. I am now following you. Come over and check me out

  6. So first off, I'm sorry you've been feeling under the weather. I feel ya there as I have been fighting a head cold for over a week now. Boo!
    Second, you look beautiful here! I am loving that pearl sweater...such a fun take on a polka dot style. And the monochrome look is the perfect palette for the leopard print pop!

    Thanks so much for linking up and feel better!
    XO - Marion

  7. That purse is amazing! I can't believe you thrifted it! Love the whole look and those heels are pure perfection!

  8. You look great! Love the complete look!

  9. I am so jealous of the sweater!!!! I love the monochromatic look, you are wearing it well.

  10. Love this look. You look great. Wish I had that sweater! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  11. I love the look. I would surely wear the entire outfit!

  12. Love the sweater! Way too cute! You did a great job of making it modern and sophisticated.

  13. I love sweaters. As soon as the weather starts staying cold instead of flip flopping I'll be living in sweaters and knit tops.


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