Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rule of Thumb...

Happy Thursday my loves!

I hope your day has gotten off to a great start!

I'm up way too early but I must go furniture shopping and I would like to beat the crowd. Plus, I want to stop in Target to see what kinds of goodies they have marked down this week. 

The last time I went shopped there I got these gold 'Paisley' heels for $8.98. I think I have them in every single color. Hey when they're that cheap, how can you pass on them. They're really comfy too-well to me they are.

Paisley Heels-Target
I love the glittery texture of them-they speak for themselves in being their own statement piece. The gold color adds a sophisticated feel to them-really classy shoe!

I paired them with a fishtail skirt and this thrifted silky, satin lace top that I purchased a couple of years ago from CHKD...

Lace top-Thrifted
I was totally smitten when I saw this shirt but immediately became bummed out because it was a large and I knew good and well that I couldn't fit into it-but I purchased anyway-and needless to say-it fit perfectly. 

That brings me to a very important thrifting tip that I've learned along the way:

Tag sizes don't matter 

I've seen items as small as a 0 and as large as a 14 that I've been able to fit into. Keep in mind that each era of clothing is made differently, hence the reason why you should try things on before you leave the thrift. I try to abide by this rule but me being human, sometimes I just don't feel like it, ya know. Most times I have pretty good judgement about whether or not items will fit me, however, there are those times when I have looked at something and swooned over it only to get it home and have it look like hot garbage on me! 

Belt-Thrifted | Skirt-Wet Seal

For instance, on one occasion, I saw a gorgeous vintage A-line dress-the colors were great and I just thought that it would fit like a charm. Welp, when I got it home, it looked like the aforementioned hot garbage. But since I loved the floral print so much, I took the belt off of it and paired it with this fit.

Rule of thumb here:

To thine fitting room be true

**SIDENOTE: I really don't look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame-the wind was just blowing into the back of my shirt-don't judge me okay!!

What rules have you learned since thrifting or shopping in general?

I can't wait to hear them...

Thanks for reading!
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  1. girl you look HOT i love those shoes!!!

  2. I love your glittery heels! I'm with you on the not worrying about the tag numbers, all stores are different and then there's the fact that european sizes are way different too. Plus I aways find treasures hidden out from where they're supposed to be that way too!

  3. LOVE this look. What fab shoes & belt! LOVE the colors!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  4. what great heels! I'm glad I'm headed to Target today. This is the second blog I've read today that has awesome Target finds! Happy Wednesday!
    - Heather

  5. I can not believe those shoes were less than $9! Deals like that blow my mind.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things
    $100 Anthropologie Giveaway

  6. Yes. I too have learned no matter what it looks like. Try.It.On.
    Normally I can gauge but I've made some mistakes so I don't chance it anymore.

  7. Miss Rockwell
    You look simply darling as always! I can't believe the price of those shoes myself. Lol I agree the dressing room is a girl's best friend. I hate getting home and it doesn't fit or looks a mess. There is a European boutique owner in Cumberland Mall that has great pieces at affordable prices but the sizes run smaller. I thought I had gained 20 pounds! Lol I were a large instead of semedium in European size. Great Blog
    Tastefully SoSo

  8. One thing I've learned since I started thrifting more and more is consider if I can refashion the item I love if it doesn't work well as the original item. You did a good job putting this look together. I love the color mix. Professional but not boring. Are you on Google chat?


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