Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nautical Swag...

Thankfully it's Thursday!!

I'm late, yet again!

But this makes two outfit posts in a row so I would say that I'm doing pretty darn swell.

If you've been reading for the past couple of weeks, then you are totally aware of my new obsession with this whole nautical swag.

Yeah, so this is what came out of my closet...

In an effort to purge my closet and make room for fall items, I've been dressing myself in whatever my hands land on. But if I keep picking out items that I love then this whole closet purging process is going to soon be null and void. Then I'm gonna be forced to enlist the help of some closet raiders. That would cost money and you all know...

I'm not about that life!

But what I am about is this...

$8 Bermuda shorts...

$4 red watches...

$6 nautical tees....

and $9 nude pumps

oohhhh....and thrifted belts!!!


 Closet purge on hold until further notice because I'm keeping all of this!

Have you ever purged your closet?

Did you find yourself wanting to keep every item that you pulled out?

I do!!

Thanks for reading my loves!
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  1. I'm loving everything about this look--too cute! I'm really in a stripy feel these days so that shirt is really fab! Oh yeah your bun has me drooling!


  2. I haven't purged but, I'm seriously re-thinking what I NEED and what I WANT!

  3. I am in love with your shirt! I can't get enough of nautical - a girl can never have enough striped shirts in her closet ;)

  4. Yes. I'm going thru that right now.

  5. I wish I looked good in shorts. You look so cute and I love the srtipes. The nude pumps really set off your look nicely. I am always trying to purge my closet, but whenever I purge, I always seem to get new stuff to make up for what I get rid of. When you get time, check out the blog award I gave you. Congrats!

  6. These colors are awesome together. I love the length of the shorts and the color of course!

    Checkout my blog to enter a giveaway! It ends to night at midnight! !

  7. cute! those heels are a steal for $9!

  8. Those nude heels for $9, though?! I'm so jealous!!! I was eyeing a pair of nude heels but I certainly didn't see that low of a price tag. Very cute look :)

  9. Such a cute outfit! The prices are even better! Now following :)

  10. you look AMAZING! you can rock this outfit better than anyone. love it! i do seasonal closet purges for sure!

  11. yes..I find it very hard to let go of things...I have so much stuff that often the things I get rid of, still have the then the guilt sinks in...then I look at my "purge" pile and think.."where did the all this stuff come from?"


  12. Cute! I have purged my closet and found some cute boots I purchased earlier this year. I am going to do a HOT look of the day with them! Hey, it is something to this "closet purging"! ;)

  13. You look cut and so NOT ready to key go of summer :) I don't purge my closet because I don't switch it over. South Florida doesn't have seasons.

  14. This outfit is adorable! I'm really into the nautical look will never go out of style. Love!

  15. haha I am totally dressing the same way...I keep seeing all of the summer stuff I have totally forgotten to wear! Love those the nautical flair...pretty lady!


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  16. I'm forever pulling pieces out of my closet. What can I say - it's a tiny closet, and I need the room for newer, prettier pieces! Those pieces are all really fun - worth keeping for sure!

  17. Okay OBSESSED with your shirt. SO SO CUTE! And it looks so cute with those shorts. And weird saying this... but your body is rockin!


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