Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Make A Statement

Happy Tuesday loves!

I hope your day is going well thus far. The clouds and scattered showers almost forced me to stay in my bed this morning but I made the decision of a responsible adult and willed myself out of my comatose state.

It's time for yet another edition of Trendy Tuesday. I love this feature so much because it allows me to show several different versions of a single trend at once. Each week it gets harder and harder for me to decide which trend to highlight because there are soooo many gorgeous things that catch my eye. 

This week I made the unanimous decision to highlight statement necklaces. They are ever present in today's fashion world and lately I'm finding myself leaning more towards purchasing neutral pieces coupled with a killer statement necklace to make the outfit 'pop' so to speak. They also make for a very inexpensive way to add life to monotone palettes.

Pair them with cocktail dresses, plain white tees, turtlenecks, or even collared shirts for the supreme effect.

Make A Statement...

What are your thoughts on statement necklaces?
Any tips on how to wear them?
Do share...


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Thanks for reading!


  1. I love statement necklaces , I usually pair them with a simple outfit so they stand out. My favorite of yours is the gOld and yellow one in the top row, because it's the biggest - I say go big!

    1. Simplicity is definitely key when it comes to statement necklaces. I agree with you-the bigger the better!!

  2. Huge fan of statement necklaces...love this selection!


  3. I love statement necklace. And have dedicated an entire post to them. They really are brilliant piece of accessory. Congrats on getting featured on this week's LALM selection.
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  4. LOVE THOSE! I am trying to find some quality statement necklaces, they are to die for :)

    New follower, hope you can check out my new posts and follow back :)

    1. I love a statement necklace! They have really cute ones in JCPenny.


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