Monday, June 18, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: Double the Pleasure

Happy Monday lovelies!!!

How was your weekend?

I can't lie, mine was highly unproductive. With the exception of visiting some of my favorite blogs, I got absolutely nothing done. I still have a living room full of incomplete DIY projects and my house has suffered yet another week of being neglected.

However, I do have some fun stuff to share with you for this week's edition of Savin' Maven Monday.  I usually highlight clothing purchases that I made over the week but this week I'm taking it back. The goal with my blog is to highlight how I live frugally in all aspects of my life, so I guess I would be shortchanging you guys in a sense if I only discussed frugal fashion.

Last Wednesday, I purchased all of this goodness at Farm Fresh.

Savin' Maven Monday (Farm Fresh)

Can you guess how much I spent?


Oh, come on you guys...guess!

I spent $21.26...
(I even scored a container of chicken which isn't pictured because I started digging in it)

Now before I begin to give you details on this purchase, I want to let you all know that Farm Fresh is not a place that I frequent because well, their prices are kinda ridiculous. But since I'm a big couponer and they just so happen to double coupons up to $1.00 on Wednesday's that's when I shop.

Now...on to the purchase.

I had a coupon for all of the items except the Velveeta cheese (on clearance for $1.00) and the green pepper ($.79). Most of the coupons had an original face value of $1.00 off which doubled to $2.00 off. My greatest steal was for the Yakisoba noodles; I got both of them for $.19 after my coupons. I know that most of these items aren't food items but hell why not save money on the snacks and condiments-that frees up more money for meats and other main dishes.

Anyhow, my total was $48.87
My total out of pocket was $21.26
For a total savings of $27.58 (56% savings)

What do you think?
Did you find any great deals this past week?
PS: I want to feature some of your super savings. If you found any awesome deals over the weekend or saved an abundant amount of money in any other area of your life, please email your story to (  and I will feature it right here for Savin' Maven Monday.
Thanks so much for reading, following, and commenting regularly.
You guys are amaze-balls!!


  1. WOW! I am speechless. I am looking to start being more thrifty; especially with groceries. Where do you get coupons from?

    1. Being thrifty is the business. I usually just get my coupons from the local newspaper on Sundays.

  2. Hello fellow thrifter!

    Love the blog. And I'm super jealous of all these items you got. You must show me your ways LOL

    1. LOL. I will definitely try to come up with a post in the near future. Thanks for visiting.


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