Monday, June 25, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: DIY Studded Denim

Happy Monday my loves. 

Let me first begin the top of the week by expressing my great thanks and appreciation for my newest followers-you all are giving me life!!

I hope everyone's weekend was productive and relaxing. It's been hot as all h*ll in my area so relaxation took up a major portion of my weekend. Seriously, what do you do when it's upwards of 90 degrees outside? 

You grab a cold glass of wine and get to crafting. 

Well at least that's what I did anyway. 

I was finally able to find some time to complete the studded pocket on my dip dyed denim shirt that I shared with you here

Here's what you will need: 

*old garments-ones that you don't mind experimenting on, of course
*studs-I wasn't able to find any in Micheals, so I ordered mine from eBay
*pliers (not pictured)
*hammer (optional)


That's it, you're ready to begin.

STEP 1: Position the studs on your desired area in the exact pattern that you want them to be in. I did this so I would know approximately how many studs to use. 

STEP 2: Begin to adhere the studs into place. The bracket-like, clasp-like, attachment thingies that are on the back of the studs were actually sharp enough for me to push the studs through the fabric with my hands.

STEP 3: Use the pliers to push down the brackets on the back of the studs so as to secure the studs in place. If you would like, you may also use a hammer and lightly tap the underside of the fabric to make sure the studs are tightly secured to the fabric. 

That's it! In 3 easy steps, and for less than $10, I have a totally new shirt. One that no one else will have. 

I feel like I don't have enough studs on it though, like it's somewhat plain.
I still have a shit ton of studs left so I'm ripping my house apart in search of more things to stud.

Like these...

What do you think?
Have you studded any of the pieces in your closet yet?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. oh my gosh this is SO COOL!! i wanna try this!!! such a good way to test out the stud trend :) great job girl - and if you want, you should totally come link up to my #YOLOMONDAYS linkup today! hope you have an awesome monday!

    still being [molly]

    1. And it was hella easy too. So much fun!

  2. how cool!
    i love studded denim!
    and you have quite a collection of studs!
    super cute! I need to try this out.

  3. Great DIY! I love studs!! Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We are following you via GFC!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Yay! Thanks for visiting and following!

  4. FUN!!!! I've been dying to try this!!!
    (and taco in a bag is delish!!!)

    1. Try it-IMMEDIATELY! It's super fun and easy!


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