Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favorites...Vol #16

Happy Frugalicious Friday!!!

This post is being created sooo late but I've been busy posting deals on my FB page, listing items for sale on my ebay page, and visiting some of my fave blogs. 

It wasn't until I looked through the pics in my phone that I realized it was time for a Friday Favorites update. So here goes some of my favorite moments over the past two weeks. 

These loafers...SWOON!!! Found in Plato's for 10 bucks! I.CAN' wear them.

Clipping and organizing coupons in preparation for Harris Teeter's 'Super Double Coupon' event.

Here's what all I ended up scoring from HT's. $150 worth of groceries for only $31!!! SCORE!

Preparing blog fave!! View the following post here.

FREE Beauty bag from Target. Jam packed with great samples and coupons.

The highly anticipated arrival of my JCrew bubble necklace.

Sneak peek into next weeks outfit post...

New beauties...from where? Where else but Target!

Mag swag!

Items listed for sale in my ebay shop!

That's all for this week dolls.
What were some of your favorite things from this week?
Do share.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am really wanting to purchase a pair of loafers. They are so versatile. And I love those shoes from Target! Wow, great find!

    1. I visit several Target locations per week and I have yet to see those yellow heels at any other store. I'm glad I got them then!

  2. Those loafers are the bomb!! At first, I thought that they were studded from the thumb nail, but leopard is even cooler.

    1. I really want some studded ones too!

  3. Holy Couponing!! Nice work girl! You're reminding me to get my butt to the market to get the early Sunday edition and clip clip clip! :)

    happy weekend!
    ps, eeeek, if only those wedges were my size. Love them!

    1. Coupons are everything to me!!

    2. Yes girl. Go get it. Coupons are everything!!


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