Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Dressy Ways...

Hello my loves. How are you all today?

I'm finally off of work for Spring Break so I figured this would be the perfect time to catch up on some things around the house! Yay...I finally get to mark some things off of my TO DO LIST! I will most definitely begin by cleaning my house because it looks like a tornado hit it and I'm not even exaggerating. 

Anywho, who went to church on Easter Sunday?

*raises hand* I DID!!!

And this is what I wore. 

I absolutely refused to go out at the last minute to find an Easter dress so I just shopped my closet. I'm not sure if this color would be considered 'pastel' but I love the classic look. I added big pearls and cinched a grey belt at the waist to bring out the colors a little more. 


It still amazes me how some women are perfectly fine about attending church with club attire on. It gets under my skin actually. It's disrespectful and shows a lack of class. It's bad enough that most of them haven't come to church all year-but then to come looking like a $2 hoar...tsk, tsk...I just shake my head in disgust!


This dress has become one of my faves <---I think I say that about all of my clothes! But seriously, I love the color, the fit, and especially the fact that it was thrifted for 99 cents. Oh how I wish I could be a personal shopper for someone. I would make them soooo very happy. 


These grey paisleys from Target put the finishing touches on the 'fit. I had originally thought to wear white shoes but once I searched my closet high and low and couldn't find any, I settled for these. I was not expecting them to match at all, but they actually made the 'fit complete.What do you think?


Thanks for reading.


  1. That pearl necklace is a treasure! And the green dress is beautiful. Wow!

    Cathy@Unsafe Fishes and Sea Foods that You May Find Delicious

  2. Thank You! I love the pearls too!


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