Monday, April 23, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: Without Fail...

Good Monday loves!

Here's to the start of a new week. I hope everyone had an awesome-like weekend. Mine was very productive. I've begun to wrap up my year-end projects for school and work so that makes me very happy. I've been struggling to get posts up on time because I've had so much going on but hopefully things will be a little more fluid and consistent now.

Just wanted to drop a line or two to tell you guys about some of my great and thrifty finds this weekend.

First, might I let you know that I visit Target every week-without fail! And every week, I walk out with at least one bag. My obsession is borderline unhealthy. But you know what, I'm now trying to change it one bit! LOL. Anyhow, I've been stalking these two pieces of art since the beginning of the year. I'm surprised that they haven't been snatched up by now. They were originally $17.00-when I went in on yesterday, the price tag had $11.99 but I felt that was still too steep. I tried to scan them on one of the little 'self-scanner thingies' and the price didn't come up, so I took them through the checkout line. They rang up at $5.08 a piece-SCORE! Now I have to figure out where I will hang them.

Did anyone else go to Bath & Body works to score their FREE lotion? Usually when they roll out a new scent they offer a free sample size on the weekend that it debuts. That means 3 chances to score free lotion-no purchase necessary. When I went in I received two coupons to use on a future purchase. Looks like they will be hosting some type of party for Mother's Day so that's where I will be shopping.

Also with Mother's Day fast approaching, Shutterfly is offering a FREE greeting card. Use the code CARD4U to save yourselves a few bucks on a Mother's Day card. I ordered mine this weekend so when it arrives I will be sure to share what it looks like.

What kind of great deals did you score this weekend?


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