Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday Favorites...Vol #8 (On Thursday)

 Happy Thursday my loves...

I'm bringing my Friday Favorites to you early because I want to rock out with the world tomorrow in support of the 'RockTheRedPump' project. It's a national campaign to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in our country. I encourage you to support and rock your red pumps as well. It's sooo easy to join. Just visit this site and enter your info.  I participated last year and I found a ton of new blogs to stalk!!

Rock The Red Pump

These!!! I love them fresh out of the freezer with a cold glass of milk! I only got this box by chance-I didn't even know it was 'cookie season' until I saw my co-worker with a box. I ranted and raved about how Thin Mints were my absolute FAVE and she gave me the whole box! There are some good people left in the world. YUM!!!

I love it when I open my mailbox to find FREE mags!!! I'm soooo behind in reading them. Maybe I need to stop ordering them...haha...NEVER!!!

I haven't shopped in a while (like 2 weeks) so when I saw this coupon that Old Navy posted on FB, I immediately hopped in my car and hightailed it there-straight to the clearance rack I went!!

Random photo shoots in the car!! Come on...I know I'm not the only one who does this.

One of my fave 'fits of the week-featuring these hunter green cords that I scored from Old Navy for 
50 cents last year!!! YES!!! I loves a sale!

What are some of your favorite moments of the week?
Do share...

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