Monday, February 20, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: The Truth Hurts...

Happy Monday loves!

Did you guys have an awesome weekend?

Mine was great! I spent it with one of my girlfriends as we celebrated her daughter's 7th bday. You know how you have that one friend you can count on to be your right hand man when you're overwhelmed with tasks-well I was that friend this weekend. We started the day with a bowling party and ended it with a super sleepover hotel party. What a way to bring in your 7th bday huh? I don't ever remember having a bday so elaborate. Even in my adult days, I've always wanted to have a huge party, but since my day will always fall on 4th of July weekend, I'm usually able to enjoy the other festivities that are going on.

Since I knew that I was literally going to be 'on the go', I opted for flat shoes--again. Maybe when the weather breaks, I will experiment more with heels, but for now, I'm all about comfort and warmth.  

Can you guess which piece is thrifted? Scroll down to see!

I'm so glad that the weather turned out to be nice otherwise I would've never gotten away with these patterned tights and shorts. 

I had no idea how much my shorts were 'shredding' but I guess that adds a little more edge to the outfit--and I'm perfectly fine with edge! 

I chose simple accessories because I knew I would be around lots of little ones so I didn't want to go 'all the way' overboard! 

Boots-Dolce Vita (Target)

Though the kids had a ball and probably didn't notice the amount of rudeness that was being dished to us by our waitress during bowling, I was actually taken aback. It wasn't my fault that she was overwhelmed and obviously couldn't handle her share. I personally don't care what you have going on, as a paying customer, I expect to receive the same level of customer service as a party of two who isn't as demanding. At times when she thought she was being nice and trying to make 'funnies' it came across as horrible sarcasm and it made my skin crawl. 

Vest-Thrifted/Turtleneck-Thrifted (Merona)

As we were wrapping up, the waitress, her name was Kris-something (Kris-tal, Kris-tine, Kris-tin), decided to have a conversation with me about how the managers usually gave her the larger parties because she was the only one that could 'handle them'. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, "Bitch please get over yourself, you sucked. And if you are his idea of someone who can handle large parties, he should quit now because he's doing a disservice to the company."  I was just waiting for the right opportunity to nicely express all of my thoughts to her.

Shorts-Thrifted & DIY'ed (GAP)

And then......she asked, "So how do you think my service was?"  I jumped for joy on the inside all the while looking at her kinda sideways because I didn't really think that she wanted my honest opinion. So I politely folded my arms, like this:

and gracefully told her that her attitude sucked and I was very displeased with our service. Needless to say, she didn't look my way for the remainder of the party. I really am a nice person, but I'm also extremely honest. I don't believe in asking for the truth, if I know that I'm not capable of handling it. Hell, the truth hurts sometimes!!!

Just like it hurt when I noticed that I had a huge hole in my tights after I had gone the whole day thinking I looked decent! OUCH!!

So I'm curious as to your approach when it comes to telling the truth-whether in friendships, relationships, or just in general. Do you fabricate just a little to make it sound better or do you find it better to just tell it like it is?

Can't wait to hear your opinions. 

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Thanks Megan;-)

  2. I hope you didn't trash those tights. The whole with that outfit (especially the shoes) gives it an edge. It's a good contrast with the flowers. 

  3. Nope...I still have them! And I will continue to rock them-hole and all!!!

  4. the truth is that outfit is a no-no

  5. Thank You so much for taking the time to express your opinion. More importantly...thanks for visiting.

  6. #stylish #ownswag #fly #edgy #individuality #iluvit

  7. LOL. Thank You. I LOVE all of the hashtags! #yourock


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