Monday, February 13, 2012

EBEW & BDIB: All This Love for Cheap...

Happy Monday loves!

 I hope you all have a marvelous weekend. Mine was jam packed with goodness. On Saturday night I went to see the super hilarious Kevin Hart with a couple of my girlfriends. I tried to get pictures of us all but it was way too cold out. Though dinner was a little awkward because we had just gotten the news of Whitney Houston's passing, we did have a great time at the show. Lemme tell you-I genuinely LAUGHED MY A$$ OFF! I hate forced laughter and on Saturday that was not the case AT ALL! We hollered and cried thee whole night! 

In honor of Valentine's Day, I decided to do some very serious color blocking. I'm sure the fit would have been 'over the top' with some fierce pumps, but being that it was bone-chilling, snow on the ground cold, I decided to go for flat, biker boots. 

We ended up having to park in the last row of the parking lot, so I'm actually glad that I did wear flats. I wish that each of you could've witness the horrible fashion misses though. Never mind that it was minus1000 degrees outside, these heifers still had on mini skirts (sans tights) and sky-high stilettos. And they tipped in the cold looking as simple as simple gets. I just laughed at them and yelled rude obscenities (ie-"stupid hoe, tryna look cute but I know you're cold") as I literally ran past them with my flats on. I love me some heels but I tried to take into consideration the fact that there would be alot of walking and alot more cold weather. 

What's a diva if she's not comfortable!?

Do you think the flat boots worked or would you have rather seen heels?

In all of my years, I had never thought to pair pink with red but I love how it turned out. I had so much fun with this. I paired it with gold arm candy and a gold and pink statement necklace. I also painted my nails with 'Garnet Gems' by Milani-it didn't photograph really well but it has a black undertone with red metallic sparklies throughout.

Sweater-Thrifted (H&M)/Jeans-Thrifted

I will be linking my outfit to this months EverybodyEverywear and BloggersDoItBetter challenges. You should link up as well. It will be great fun.

Shirt-Thrifted (Express)/Belt-Thrifted


What are your plans for Valentine's Day? My 'special someone' is miles and miles away from me right now but I'm hoping to at least be able to talk to him at some point during the day.  Uggh Valentine's Day is soooo overrated. I'm gonna smile anyhow!

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Thanks for reading! 


  1. This look is sooo cute! And im glad you wore the boots rather than the heels because your feet wouldve been begging for mercy. I saw Kevin Hart live last year in October and the girls came dressed like they were going to a was ridiculous! Classless...trashy...etc.

  2. I am loving this combination!  I think the boots worked just fine for the purpose of needing to wear flats for comfort.  I am sure you would have rocked some killer heels if you saw fit to do so.  You look great!


  3. Wow you look chic!! Happy Heart Day!
    Color of Love

  4. I love the red pants. I totally want to get myself some red jeans. I adore the pairing of red and pink together. Its a colour combination that I am starting to love.

  5. Love those pants paired with the striped top!  

  6. Hi! I found your blog by participating in the recent BDIB challenge  Love how you styled your red. Cute blog!! Please visit mine if you get a chance. Have a wonderful day!!


  7. this is such a great look, edgy, put together and chic.

  8. Thank You dear!

  9. I have always searched for the perfect words to describe my style-you just hit the nail on the head. Thanks Megan!!

  10. Those chicks looked a hot's really not that serious to go to a comedy show in a full club getup!

  11. Thank You ma'am!

  12. Thank You. I was so afraid about it at first but it turned out really fun

  13. this sweater...and those jeans...I got some like that too from Savers I think they are F21...I actually love the boots...I always go towards heels cuz of work and often wish I was in flats...for comfort....either way you are making it look the necklace!


  14. I wear heels to work everyday so on my days off I like to let my feet relax while still looking somewhat stylish. I love my heels but I will probably experiment with them a little more when the weather breaks.

  15. "Do you think the flat boots worked or would you have rather seen heels?"

    It works. And you look absolutely fab and cool. Love your necklace too. Pretty!

    Cathy@2012 Best Jobs

  16. Today is good ill, isn't it?


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