Monday, January 23, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: I Love the 'Navy...

Happy Monday my loves!!

I hope each and every one of yous had an awesome-like weekend. 

Mine was great! I love it when I hear about a super sale going on. 

This weekend, one of my favorite stores, Old Navy, was having a major clearance sale.
I have always frequented Old Navy but here recently, I have fallen head over heels with their brand.
Their clothing is always durable and their sales are undeniably thee GREATEST that I've ever seen.  This weekend only they were offering and additional 50% off of their already low, clearance priced adult clothing.     For less than $50, I left the store with 3 pants, 3 blouses, 2 sweaters, 1 pair of pajama pants and a purse.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the weekend. 

 The ON in my area had a slue of these pajama pants left over from their Christmas line. I decided to go with a neutral color so that I could wear them year round.

Pajama Pants-$3.50

I absolutely love cardigans. This one will be perfect to layer with a cami in the spring. 

Striped Cardigan-$4.25

I have had my eye on this purse since it first came out in the fall. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had quite a few of these left as well!

Satchel purse-$4.75

 I've also had my eye on these cute shorts. I'm not sure exactly what the design is called but I think they are super HOT and sexy!

Party Shorts-$3.50

The best part of this shopping trip was the Super Cash that I received to use on my next visit. I already have my eye on the two pair of loafers that I'm going to purchase next weekend!

Did you run into any great sales over the weekend? Do share!


  1. Of all these items, the cardigan is my favorite.  I'm doing a series of posts this year gradually upping the price category each month, so sometime in February I will hit Old Navy!

  2. I have the same black and white striped cardigan on my Ebay watch list, lol. 

  3. I couldn't pass it up! It was an extra 50% off of the clearance price. I wonder how much they jacked the price up on Ebay?


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