Thursday, December 22, 2011

WOTS: Holiday Shopping-The OfficeSpace Edition

Getting appropriate gifts for coworkers during the holiday season can be a little tricky. 

What do they like? What will they use? Will this be enough?

These are all questions I've pondered before deciding to go with something everyone loves during the holidays...sweet treats!!

To start my coworker's gifts, I purchased the 'Happy Holiday' cards (pictured above) from Target's Dollar Spot.

Then, I typed this nice holiday quote onto red paper and cut them into tiny so...

I used a glue stick and attached the 'quote labels' onto the inside of the card. 

You may glue the labels in or just place them in. Whatever your preference...

I used these little foam stickers (purchased from the Dollar Store) to seal the cards.

Very HallMark-esque, huh!?

Now...for my sweet treats.

I like to call them 'Thin Mints'.  I originally saw Paula Deen make these from scratch on her show but seeing as how I didn't have the time nor the patience, I just purchased some Chips Ahoy from Wally World. These ingredients cost me about 8 bucks.

You begin by crushing the peppermint into a closed ziplock bag.

Until they look like this...

Then, melt your white chocolate chips. This was thee most tedious step in the whole process. I never knew how hard it was to melt white chocolate. I clearly felt like the biggest idiot on earth. I mean how in the hell do you not know how to melt chocolate!? 

Don't judge me...mkay!?

Next, dip your Chips Ahoy, one by one, into the melted chocolate and then into the crushed peppermint.  You may dip as much of the cookie as you would like. I chose to dip half. This is how they looked when finished.

To package my 'Thin Mints', I purchased treat bags from Target's Dollar Spot and I printed these labels from MarthaStewarts website. 

Attach the labels, and viola! Cute, festive, and scrumptiously sweet! All for under $10. 

I was able to make 20 gift bags with the ingredients that I used and I still have over half of the second pack of Chips Ahoy left over. 


What will you do for your coworkers this holiday season?


  1. LOL. They were soooo delish...and incredibly easy!

  2. I suddenly wish I was one of your co-workers. Yummy. Will have to try this for myself.


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