Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Big Is Your Ego?...Part II

Has anyone been keeping up with Oprah's Lifeclass? It's a Godsend. No, seriously! It's sooo motivational-especially at this stage in my life.

Since I wasn't able to take advantage of the free journals when she was offering them,  I've been taking notes in my own personal journal.

The first topic that she covered had me so hooked that I decided to share my thoughts and what all I learned from her life lessons.

Yesterday I posed a very serious question. Do you consider yourself to be 'that' bitch? Why or why not?

If your answer to this question included the fact that you're the ish because you have a well paying job, a nice house, a foreign car, a great man, and a closet the size of my upstairs loft....then guess what!?

You just may be 'that' bitch...and a very EGOTISTICAL one at that.

Oprah said that "ego shows up everyday as a false sense of self". It forces you to become obsessed with the image of yourself.

I despise seeing women, or men for that matter, who allow labels and status symbols to define who they are. You know...the ones who would spend their last on the latest Prada bag with the overly obnoxious logo spewed all over it. Or how about the guy who won't wear Polo unless the 'horseman' is clearly visible.

Why do so many people feel as though designer labels and status changes define them? Regardless of what you look like on the outside, what really matters is how you look on the inside. And if your inside looks like a piece of shit, then sorry....no label or status is going to be able to change that.

I'm perfectly fine with being sensitive and overprotective, slightly introverted but real-sitting just as pretty in my thrifted ensemble. 

I define who I am-not Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, or Ralph Lauren.

Where does your sense of self come from?

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