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WOTS: And What We Wear Is Vintage Clothes (feature)...

I know....I know...I've been MIA. And it's totally uncalled for. Okay, well not new job is very demanding of my time so posting has been out of the question. I did have a few minutes tonight though...while watching the Season Finale of my favorite show of this year, Born To Dance, I figured that I would take this time to highlight one of my fave blogger chics. I know she thinks that I've forgotten about her but rest assured Meagan, fabulosity can never be forgotten about.  She's the one I look forward to visiting on Thursday's because she's vintage, she rocks killer accessories, and above all else, she's thrifty.

Everyone say hello to Meagan.

Meagan from SpunkyChateau
Tell us a little about yourself and your mission as a blogger.
I started my blog, SpunkyChateau, about a year ago. I had just started reading fashion blogs and as a recent college grad who hadn't found a job yet, I thought starting my own blog would be something interesting to focus on in the absence of a job. Soon, my blog became a way for me advertise pieces I had for sale in my vintage store and eventually it evolved into what it is now. Today, I document my outfits and talk about where each piece came from but I try to focus on thrifting and introducing people to the benefits of buying secondhand. It's not only a way to incorporate unique pieces into your closet, but it recycles and lots of times the proceeds go to local charities. Each Thursday I host a photo link up, Thursdays are for Thrifters, where bloggers can show off their recently thrifted finds and outfits, in hopes that it will give like-minded bloggers a chance to network and will inspire others to give thrifting a try.

Your style is very bohemian vintage. What inspires you to style your outfits this way? Who are your style icons? My style is definitely vintage-inspired and I love to incorporate vintage into my outfits as often as I can. I think that for most people their personal style is their attempt at communicating who they feel they are to the world. I think the fact that I love vintage clothing and vintage-inspired fashion, partly, stems from the fact that I love history. I've always been interested in learning and the past has always fascinated me. A lot of the clothes I wear are inspired by the time periods I find really interesting, specifically the 1960s and 1970s. Further, I'm a bit of a music nerd and fashion has a unique role in culture in that is has been an accessible way for young people to identify themselves with subcultures and movements, especially in regards to music. So, like many people, to a degree, what I wear reflects what I identify with and value. I would not say that I have any real style icons, but I love the styles of Stevie Nicks, Elton John, Prince, and Vivian Westwood among many, many others.

Meagan from SpunkyChateau

You're also a big thrift shopper. How long have you been thrifting and what inspired you to start?
I've been shopping in thrift stores since I was very young. It was just something that my family did on some weekends. I always loved it and enjoyed finding bargains. When I got into high school, I became more serious about thrifting because I wanted to have unique pieces that no one else in school had. Since then, I've become even more interested in thrifting as a way to expand my closet without overspending. As I've thrifted more and more, I've found that it really has a lot of benefits and that you can find pieces that fit your style almost anywhere and in any price range if you put your mind to it.

What goal did you have in mind when you began the 'Thursday is for Thrifters' meme on your blog? I began my 'Thursdays are for Thrifters' link up for two reasons. First, I wanted bloggers who already love to thrift to get to interact and share their finds with each other, because everyone loves to brag about finding a deal and to see what their friends have found. But more importantly, I wanted to show people who don't thrift just what sorts of things you can find thrifting. I've known lots of people who look down on thrifting and I know that thrifting has a negative stigma in some communities. I wanted these people to see that you can find great pieces for such low prices and teach people how to thrift, because lots of people who have never thrifted before don't know where to start.

Vintage Wedges

What are some of your favorite thrifting tips to follow?
I have dedicated a few posts to thrifting tips and I could go on all day about this, but my number one rule is to follow your instincts. I try to walk up and down each aisle and scan the racks. If something jumps out at me, I pick it up and look at it. If you have a good feeling about something, try it on. It may take you a few minutes to figure out how to style an item, but if you're drawn to something, there's usually a reason.

Who are some other 'thrifty' bloggers that you can't get enough of?
There are sooo many girls and guys out there who are putting together amazing outfits based around thrifted pieces that it's really hard to pick, but some of my absolute favorites right now are: MyModernVintage, DressesOnAClothesline, and ThePaperBagMiss.

Where are some other places that we can find you on the web (FB, twitter, online shop)?
I have a vintage boutique on Etsy.
I'm also on Facebook---and on Twitter.

Thanks Meagan for taking over today. Muah!!!

Now quickly and follow her! Go on...scoot!

Post Title from: Vintage Clothes by Paul McCartney


  1. Please do...Meagan is an awesome blogger and thrifter!

  2. Aren't they thee greatest!?

  3. I love thrifting and am definitely going to check out this blog. Great interview!

  4. I love those Vintage wedges!


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