Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Savin' Maven Monday: If I Was an Indian, I'd Still be the Chief...

Well...I'm late as all hell writing this Savin' Maven Monday post but I've been super busy!

I didn't do much shopping last week because the deals were slim but this is what I ended up with from Rite Aid:

Savin' Maven (Rite Aid)
More makeup and lots of gum to keep my breath fresh! The CoverGirl lipsticks were B1G1 50% off with a $5 Register Reward (RR) given back when you purchased $20 worth. I had two ($5 off 2) coupons so I got all 4 lipsticks for $10 which is a great deal considering that these things are regularly priced at $7.50 a pop. The gum was B1G1 FREE and I had store coupons and manufacturer's coupons that I stacked to make them almost free. The mascara was 75% off and after my coupon I paid all of 19 cents for it! I also got a $1 RR for purchasing the Crest mouthwash.

My total on this trip was $50.58
My total out of pocket was $5.03
For a total savings of $45.55 (90% savings)

What kind of great deals have you found lately?

Before you go I would like to share with you

Couponing tip #4

Stock up on Coupons.

Last week I shared a number of places in which you may get coupons-newspaper subscriptions, family and friends, and even online. While many of us are old fashioned and would prefer to do our shopping 'on site', most of us have fallen in love with the convenience of online shopping and being able to make purchases in the comfort of our own homes. Just as there are thousands of available coupons to be used on in store purchases, there may be twice as many coupons available for online shopping. One of my favorite online sites to get coupons from is CouponChief.  This is a digital couponing site that offers promotional and discount codes for some of the greatest and most popular stores around. Here's how it works: When you have decided on the exact online store you would like to purchase from, visit CouponChief and use their search box to type in your store of interest. Once you find your store name, browse the coupons that may be used at your preferred store and copy the coupon code for the specific coupon that you want. This code will be pasted into the 'promotional code' box that will appear on the checkout page of your purchase. Once the code is entered, click on the 'apply' button and you should be able to see your savings instantly. Click here for full details and instructions.

My absolute favorite part about this site is the convenience of not having to use ink to print the coupons out. You will never guess just how many coupons I print each week so I'm always jumping at the chance to use online codes and save ink. Another one of my favorite features of CouponChief is that you have the ability to post new coupons and even share them with friends through email. If you're really serious about your couponing, you can even create a profile and have it set up so that you will receive an email alert each time that a coupon code for your favorite store is posted. Also, you can sign up for their Pays2Share program which pays you money each time someone uses a coupon code that you posted. I'm all signed up...are you?

-SIDENOTE-Bath and Body works started their semi annual sale on June 10. For all of you who like to stock up on smell goods, you need to hurry in...

Click here to print a coupon for a FREE travel sized item (can be used with ANY purchase).

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh yeah. I haven't tried much but I've heard lots about it. As a matter of fact I DO have some ELF gloss. I actually got it from the Dollar Store believe it or not. I think they send their discontinued items there.


  2. They feel so great on, huh!?


  3. The Freckled MarauderJanuary 9, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    Nice!  Have you tried e.l.f cosmetics? I can only find them in Target here...but their makeup is decent and super cheap!  I wouldn't recommend their foundation, but their eyeliner and shadows are good for the price!


  4. Nice! I love those CG lipsticks! I got 2 a couple weeks ago with a similar sale at CVS :)


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